Trm. Custom Clothing brand

Trm or "Trim", another store selling clothing looking to start a brand, however we hope some of you will appreciate some of our more "simple" designs!

Featured Clothing

Some of Trm.'s first drops

Our first selections here the traditonal zip up, and more of a heavy material kind of regular hoodie. We look to dropping some joggers & more in the future!

  • Trm.

    Some of our options may not look the best, however the materials used to make and print these clothes are worth the price.

  • About us

    Just another store trying to make a clothing brand, thousands of other small brands on the market, so how will our brand stand out? Thats exactly what we will try to show our consumers!

  • Trim?

    Trm. Is short for the word "trim", may not sound familer we know but trim is supposed to be a good thing of course. Slang almost, used to describe something people will like, we've gotten a few questions on this already. Although we think the name is still trim!